Jesus, the Good Shepherd Parish welcomes you to our parish family and invite you
to be a Christian steward of your God-given gifts of time and talent.

We offer many ways to employ these gifts through our ministries listed below. We ask you to prayerfully reflect over these opportunities and ask yourself…

“Will I make some return to God this coming year by hearing His name?”

Ministry through Education

Religious Education Grades 1-8

Contact: Maria Gimello 856.461.9343

The main purpose of Religious Education is to oversee the Catholic education for our children. Knowing that each child is special and unique, a gift to us from God, we have designed our program with this in mind. Our Religious Education mission is to give children a sense of God, help discover God’s Love for them while shaping attitudes of love and respect for self and others.

Holy Innocents

Contact: Joyce Chmielenski 609.387.4748

The Holy Innocents organization has a center in every county in the Diocese. Accepting people from Burlington County and Philadelphia, religious instruction, sacramental preparation, social, physical, and musical activities for God’s special people is provided. The Holy Innocents meets for 2 hours on Saturdays.

Youth Group- Middle & High School

Contact: Rita Perry 856.461.0100

Our Youth Group is a place to spend time with other youth, have fun and learn not only about God, but also about themselves and relationships in a completely safe environment. Our youth are a gift from God with talents yet to be unlocked. Our your leaders are adults committed to work with and for the parish youth and their parents.

RCIA – Christian Initiation of Adults

Contact: Deacon Gary Schmitt (856) 461-0100

The R.C.I.A program is a process of preparing adults for initiation into the Church through the reception of the sacraments of Baptism, Holy Communion, and Confirmation. Anyone who is not baptized, comes from other traditions, or wants to learn more about their Catholic Faith is welcome.

Ministry through Social Service

Bereavement Committee

Contact: Deacon Gary Schmitt (856) 461-0100

A group of volunteers committed to reaching out to our parish community in their time of grief, the Bereavement Ministry helps the family in the planning of the funeral liturgy, making arrangements with the Church for the funeral service and provide additional resources within our parish and diocese if necessary. The committee also designs a Prayer Service Booklet used at Mass and sends Mass cards and prayer cards thought the first year to the family.

H.O.P.E (Helping Other People Everyday)

Contact: Joan Robb 856.764.0772

H.O.P.E is a group of concerned parishioners who are willing to volunteer to help others in works of mercy and justice. With 3 groups of volunteers, each group share their time and visit and grocery shop for shut-ins; prepare meals on an emergency basis; and take people to Mass on weekdays or weekends.

Giving Tree Project

Contact: Maria Gimello 856.461.9343

Each year at Christmas, we remember those families and children who may not have all the extras we enjoy or take for granted. Sponsored by the Religious Education program, we could always use an extra hand around Christmas time with the Giving Tree Project.

Right to Life

Contact: Sharon Marino 856.461.0815

These men and women keep us aware of the issues facing the unborn, handicapped, aging and terminally ill and suggest ways of respecting all life and supporting those in need.

Knights of Columbus

The Knights is the world’s largest Catholic Fraternal Service Organization. Not part of any ministry, the Knights are men of the parish. The Knights also serve as Extraordinary Ministers, Lectors, Ushers, and Altar Servers. Not only donating their time for parish functions-liturgical as well as social, the Knights are active in the community doing charitable work.

Prayer Network

Connected by telephone, these adults, children, and families offer prayers for those in immediate need — an immediate response to your SOS for prayer.

Ushers Committee

Acting as hosts and hostesses, our ushers provide and atmosphere of welcome and assist those gathering for prayer and Liturgy, as well as assisting at special Liturgies throughout the year. Ushers also help with the distribution of parish bulletins, flyers, and special handouts, and help to organize the Offertory procession and collections.

Hospitality Committee

Contact: Terri Azert 609.372.7521

Like a family, a parish must both “pray” and “play” together. The committee operates on the premise of supplying the parish with the means to meet and get to know each other through hospitality and family entertainment activities. Help is needed to plan and man the events.

Ministry through Worship

Liturgy Committee

Contact: Deacon Gary Schmitt 856.461.0100

The Liturgy Committee consists of men and women of the parish who develop various aspects of rituals and prayer services. Meeting with the pastor, monthly meetings, and basic knowledge of liturgy and/or willingness to learn are welcomed.

Music Ministry

Contact: Lou Petti or Enida Perez

Praise Choir is our Adult Choir
Contemporary Choir
Spanish Choir

Altar and Rosary

Contact: Rosalie Schuck (609) 877-7514

A group of men and women who pray the rosary once a month and meet monthly, the organization also takes care of the changing altar cloths as the church year progresses. The society occasionally holds fund raiser s and coordinates social events as needed for the good of the parish and assists the pastor as requested. The women also make baptismal bibs for the newly baptized of the parish.


Contact: Deacon Gary Schmitt 856.461.0100

Adults, 18 and older and high school students are invited to become lectors. Lectors will assist at Liturgies in proclaiming the Word of the Lord.

Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist

Contact: Deacon Gary Schmitt 856.461.0100

Adults, 18 or older and high school students are invited to assist in sharing the Body and Blood of Christ during the Liturgy. Ministers also bring communion to shut-ins.

Altar Servers

Contact: Deacon Gary Schmitt 856.461.0100

Youth, beginning with 4th grade, high school students, and adults can assist the priest with Mass and other liturgical celebrations. The altar servers are required to attend Mass regularly.

Sanctuary Guild

Men and women, who like St. Martha, help to look after the housekeeping and decorating needs of the church.

Diaconate Program

Contact: Rev. Jorge Antonio Bedoya – Administrator

The Deacon is a man called to service – a response to Christ’s call. An ordained minister of the Church, the Deacon receives the sacrament from his Bishop, although he typically reports and supports the ministry of the local pastor. The Deacon is the servant of Christ and the people of God. In addition to assisting the priest, the Deacon is empowered to administer certain sacraments and preside at prayer services and devotions. By this public witness, the Deacon shows that the substance of faith is not something that only exists withing the church walls.

Secular Franciscans

Contact: Rita Perry, SFO 856.764.7496 or Elieen Mason, SFO 856.314.8355

The Secular Franciscan Order or SF< is an Order of Catholic men and women throughout the world who, attracted to the person and charism of Saint Francis, recognize that they are called by God to profess the Rule of the Secular Franciscan Order, and so to “follow Christ in the footsteps of Francis of Assisi” (Rule, Article 1), preaching the Gospel…. using the words when necessary.

St. Peter’s Fraternity of the SFO meets on the fourth Sunday of each month for prayer and fellowship. If you are a practicing Catholic, 18 years or older, and feel that you are being called to a more Gospel-centered life, please come and see.


The Rosary is also said after 9:00 am Daily Mass, Monday through Friday. All Are welcome to attend.

Ministry Through Administration

Pastoral Council

Contact: Rev. Jorge Antonio Bedoya – Administrator

The Pastoral Council is make up of volunteer parishioners advising the pastor in forming the direction of the parish. The council will provide advice and recommendations to assist the pastor, parish staff, and parish at large in matters relevant to the spiritual, social, civic, and educational development of our community of faith.

Buildings and Grounds Maintenance

Contact: Rev. Jorge Antonio Bedoya – Administrator

These are always a variety of tasks to be done around our facilities and for various projects. if you have a specialty area or just want to lend a hand, please feel free to ask!