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Saturday Evening 
5PM @ St. Joseph
Portuguese @ St. Peter

8AM @ St. Joseph
10AM, 12Noon 
Spanish & 6PM @ St. Peter

9AM Monday, Wednesday, Friday at
St. Joseph's Chapel
9AM Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday at
St. Peter's Chapel

Print your Electronic
Giving report for tax purposes
Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQs)
Online Giving Users Guide

Welcome to our parish family!
Recently moved into the area or haven't registered with us?

 Click Here  to print out our parish registration form, complete and
return/mail to our Parish office

Imprima nuestro formulario de inscripcion en Español, completelo y regreselo a la oficina



St. Vincent de Paul Society - assisting our neighbors in financial crisis
Dial (856) 461-0100, ask to leave a message for the Society or press option "5"

Since our parish exists within two telephone area codes, 609 and 856, please include this information with your message